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Hindrances in Meditation: Restlessness and Anxiety (part 5, English)

Monkey mind, seeing the waterfall, seeing the mental highway,……………and so forth

The restless mind – don’t we all just know it. It pulls us in all directions and never rests where we are.

When watching the restless mind over many sessions, you really start to wonder, ‘What is so uncomfortable/difficult/unpleasant in the present moment that we do not want to stay?’

Working with this hindrance and getting to know it might just about help you to understand, what it is that cannot be met in the present moment.

And it might help you to find deep inner peace and a more quiet life.

We do NOT have to act on the hindrances. We can learn just to be with them.

Here a video on how to work with restlessness and anxiety.

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