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Beyond the Hindrances in Meditation (part 7, English)

We are a very forgetful species.

Hindrances – they stick with us. Those we remember. Difficult states of mind.

But what is present, when the hindrances are not present in our mind. What arises then?

Part of befriending the mind and a big part of having a continuous interest in meditation is to recognise the states of mind that are present, when the hindrances are absent.

This is our mind too: blissful, energetic, open, spacious, concentrated, glad, calm and bright.

Beyond the hindrances, there is a waking up to life that is vibrant and open.

Integral psykoterapeut og chok/traume terapeut, MPF. IDPF. Uddannet Buddhistisk meditationslærer hos Bodhi College. Flydende i Dansk, Engelsk og Tysk

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