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Hindrances in Meditation: Sceptical Doubt (part 6, English)

Never really get started with anything? Things are never quite right for you?

The hindrance of Sceptical Doubt stops you in your tracks.

It is said to be the most difficult hindrance to overcome.

Just to make it clear, we are not talking about being curious and asking questions, including questions that might be difficult for the other. This is not blind faith – believing everything a teacher or person of authority says.

Inquiry and questioning belief systems were encouraged by the Buddha.

Here we are talking about a desert of opportunity. Nothing arises and grows because nothing is practiced to the point that invites inquiry and questioning. And nothing is practiced long enough to experience any benefit or change.

Here a short video on the hindrance of Sceptical Doubt.

Integral psykoterapeut og chok/traume terapeut, MPF. IDPF. Uddannet Buddhistisk meditationslærer hos Bodhi College. Flydende i Dansk, Engelsk og Tysk

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