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Hindrances in Meditation: Aversion/Illwill (part 3, English)

Resistance, up-the-hill, constant battles, painful, unpleasant, judgemental, grumpy, impatient, angry, discontent, hopeless.

Know any of this?

Sometimes I feel, we live in a society that is constantly disgruntled. Nothing is ever good enough. Everything needs improving.

Allegedly, we have improved a lot of things to make our lives easier. However, most of us feel that life becomes more and more complex.

And complexity feels painful and we resist. With all our might.

Here a short video on how to work with the hindrance of – well – let’s just call it negativity.

Integral psykoterapeut, MPF. Har udøvet meditation og mindfulness siden 1994 indenfor flere traditioner, men mest Vipassana. Flydende i Dansk, Engelsk og Tysk

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